AILA WARNS TO FILE H-1B PETITIONS BY MONDAY - Atlanta Immigration lawyer | Best immigration attorneys Atlanta GA

The American Immigration Lawyers Association just sent an alert as follows: Assuming that the rate of H-1B filings has remained at least constant at 1,800 per day, another 7,200 cap-subject non-master’s H-1B petitions will have been filed by the close of business today (June 7, 2012). Add that to the announced 55,600 filed as of June 1, 2012, that means that nearly 63,000 cap-subject H-1B petitions will have been filed by tonight. USCIS sets aside some (approximately 1,500 for Chile/Singapore), and accepts a number in excess of the total cap allocation of 65,000, to take into account denials and withdrawals. Some data suggests that the total number of cap-subject non-master’s H-1B petitions taken in is in the neighborhood of 70,000. All of this suggests that for planning purposes, submission of H-1B petitions for delivery to service centers by Monday, June 11, 2012, (which means getting them in the hands of couriers by Saturday for Monday delivery), may be prudent.