Client Results


  • L-1 visa approved for COO after a prior denial. Company revenues increased by 300% that year.
  • Green card approved in half the time and without a USCIS Request for Additional Evidence. In comparison, his colleagues who filed with a different law firm all received Requests for Additional Evidence that took more time and money to respond.
  • Visa and green card approved for employee of large defense contractor who almost had to leave the U.S. and go back home because the maximum time on his visa was being reached. Company was able to retain this key employee and fulfill its contractual obligations to the U.S. military worth millions of dollars.
  • Client saved $250,000 in fines and avoided criminal penalties after we represented the company in an H-1B visa audit with the Department of labor. Multiple H-1B visas approved for company after USCIS denied many visas it filed. Revenues increased by 15% following that year.
  • L-1 visa granted in one week and later green card approved for owner/managing director of a company that needed to expand to the U.S. to secure a contract with one of the three largest U.S. retailers. Contract implemented and client’s business grew ten-fold.
  • L-1 visa approved for a client after the prior attorney filed, received an RFE, and later denied. Client was able to move operations to the U.S., get a patent and sell the technology to Fortune 500 CIOs.
  • Green card approved for assistant professor in the Outstanding professor and researcher category within less than 2 years after PHD completion.


  • O-1 visa and green card approved for a violinist after she received 2 prior USCIS denials. This allowed her to perform in Carnegie Hall, as well as other venues.
  • Client received U.S. Citizenship only 60 days after we filed a mandamus against USCIS. Client’s case was delayed by more than 3 years before then.
  • Diversity Visa lottery client got approved within 4 weeks for green card despite a very serious time crunch. Visa was filed in August but was approved by the September 30 deadline by diligent follow ups with the USCIS.
  • Asylum granted to Iraqi doctor and his family within less than 6 months, avoiding removal proceedings.
  • Naturalization granted to applicant with a drug felony conviction after other attorneys advised him he would get denied. His wife received her green card shortly after.
  • Green card approved in a very complex case involving identity fraud. Client went to several other attorneys who could not help her.


  • Husband and wife were reunited after a year long separation because the consulate mistakenly determined he was inadmissable for a visa. Within 1 month after hiring us, we were able to rectify the mistake and get him his green card and back in the U.S. with his wife.
  • Wife was able to return from Mexico and receive green card after being stuck there for more than a year because of his prior attorney’s mistake.
  • Green card approved after embassy determined client was permanently inadmissible for trying to smuggle her brother without a waiver possibility.
  • Green card application reopened where clients had provided the wrong documents to prove eligibility. Case was reopened within a month of filing, set for an interview and approved a couple months after that.
  • Waiver of unlawful presence and green card approved for Mexican national whose wife passed away while case was processing.
  • Green card approved within 30 days after embassy denied immigrant visa for client. Client since immigrated to the U.S. and reunited with her daughter and grandchildren.


  • Investor husband and wife received green card after going through 3 attorneys, 10 years of immigration struggles and multiple USCIS petitions and denials. Their financial investments and 10 U.S. jobs were protected.
  • E-2 visa granted to investor/owner of a home furnishing importer after a prior attorney filed a petition that was denied. Client’s business grew from $10 to $15 million.
  • Visa and later on green card granted to investor in a real estate development that secured 14 American jobs and $5 Milllion in revenues by year 3 of the business.
  • Green card approved for co-founder, CEO and investor in a time crunch when the company was about to be sold to another company in an exit merger.
  • Visa and later on green card approved for Japanese investor and co-founder of a company that crossed the $10 milion mark becaue the investor was able to move here.
  • Visa and green card approved for investor and co-founder in a pharmaceutical business that was able to obtain a patent, FDA approval and millions in sales a few years later, after his initial visa got denied when he used another attorney.


  • H-1B visa approved for physician in 3 days after previous attorney made a mistake filing for the wrong entity. Physician avoided getting stuck outside the U.S. and the hospital continued to serve patients.
  • Green card based on National Interest Waiver approved for a psychiatrist & researcher. Client was accepted to Harvard University and able to apply for research grants on his own.
  • Self-petitioned green card based on National Interest Waiver granted for a researcher invovled in cancer research. Client opened her own company to advance cancer research therapies to help millions of people.
  • Medical clinic in rural area was able to get a J-1 visa waiver and H-1B visa for a primary care doctor to work there after the owner of the clinic and only physician died. Clinic continued operations and can treat patients in remote area.
  • Green card approved for Canadian doctor to work in a healthcare organization south of Atlanta that did not have a physician. Client is now an attending physician responsible for entire department.
  • Green card and J-1 waiver approved based on doctor’s research contributions for childhood cancers. Doctor was able to remain in the U.S. and continue her research. Hospital was able to secure grant funds for research.


  • Client received green card after being advised by prior lawyer to take deportation order. Client is now a U.S. citizen and glad he got a second opinion.
  • Green card granted to a minister who had previously been denied by USCIS because a notice was lost in the mail and he didn’t file on time.
  • Green card approved based on employment after a previous deportation was reopened. Client now happily owns his own business.
  • Green card granted in removal proceedings in one year for client whose case had been pending in immigration case for nearly 10 years before our firm got involved.
  • Non-LPR Cancellation of Removal granted in removal proceedings to single mother of four with a daughter in gifted program.
  • Green card and criminal waiver granted by immigration judge to foreign national who entered on a fiancee visa but didn’t stay married to spouse.