(March 2017) “I am so happy that with the help of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, I got my green card. It all started when my company looked for a new immigration lawyer to extend my H1-b after the first one did not work. We had a bad experience from my previous lawyer. But with Weinstock, particularly Raju Patel and Alina Cox, everything went smooth. From H1-b extensions to EB-2, everything went well. They are so helpful, very professional, very knowledgeable, and will attend to all of your needs. I met them in person and they are so welcoming and I felt comfortable talking to them about my immigration issues because they give the best advise! Thank you guys so much! I highly recommend these guys to anyone who are seeking immigration help. Great job guys!”

H. Briones

(February 2017) “Our experience with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was by far the best experience we have had with any top law firm in Atlanta (We had the opportunity to request the services of four of them prior to contacting Weinstock Immigration Lawyers). Karen and Vered are extremely knowledgable and professional. They addressed all our concerns resulting in a successful approval of our immigration application and transition of status. I will recommend them for any one who may be seeking representation for a smooth and successful immigration process.”

Pc Shum

(January 2017) “Karen and her staff were a life saver to our project, EXPOSED Festival of Israeli contemporary dance and theater. They were highly professional, very thorough, readily available, gave good and clear advice, knew the immigration landscape inside and out. All things being said, I would only use and recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for future visa needs. I am grateful.”

Sue Schroeder

(December 2016) “We worked with Leslie on our EB1 petition and overall we had great experience. Leslie is really easy to communicate with, she responded to our questions promptly and she basically took care of everything from beginning to end. She’s really professional and knows her craft very well. She’s also really flexible, I asked for some last minute changes on the application material and she accommodated our request immediately. We would highly recommend Leslie and this firm if you are also applying for green card/ petitioning for employment-based immigration!”

大甦小艾 Suyi Ally

(November 2016) “We needed a Green Card for one of our employees on an E-Visa and after some research we hired Weinstock Immigration. During the first meeting, after review of some key information, the attorney assigned to our case, Rajeshri Patel, clearly explained the process, the expected time frame and the approach she was going to have and how our company needed to cooperate for the best opportunity to succeed. She personally, together with the paralegal Alina Cox, guided us through every step. After 1 year our employee received his green card. No audit, no delays, no RFE required. Everything was very smooth and quick. Costs exactly as per initial quote. Strongly recommended to every business.”

Spencer Barkoff

(November 2016) “We needed a Green Card for one of our employees on an E-Visa and after some research we hired Weinstock Immigration. During the first meeting, after review of some key information, the attorney assigned to our case, Rajeshri Patel, clearly explained the process, the expected time frame and the approach she was going to have and how our company needed to cooperate for the best opportunity to succeed. She personally, together with the paralegal Alina Cox, guided us through every step. After 1 year our employee received his green card. No audit, no delays, no RFE required. Everything was very smooth and quick. Costs exactly as per initial quote. Strongly recommended to every business.”

Benzi America

(November 2016) “Raju helped me with my EB1 petition which has been approved just 8 days after submission!! I was very impressed with Raju’s profession and excellent writing in petition letter, reference letters, etc. She is also very trustworthy and very effective in preparation of all my documentations and evidences. I would recommend her to everyone I know who want to get immigration service.”

M. H.

(July 2016) “I had a wonderful experience with Karen and Vered from Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, needed assistance in getting an E1 visa. Huge amount of paperwork and documentations needed, Both Keren and Vered did an amazing job in helping us putting everything together and submitting all needed info. Their response time, patient and general wide experience in everything related to immigration laws and requirements were impeccable. I highly recommend whoever is in need of an immigration lawyer or assistance in Visa related issues to contact Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. Thank you Keren and vered for all your help, i’m defiantly a very happy customer and more than to recommend your services to others. Warm regards, Itzik Polnauer”

Itzik Polnauer

(June 2016) “We contacted Karen by a family recommendation from someone who desperately needed to leave her country of origin. We were in a similar situation. Karen and her wonderful staff guided us with GPS precision through the difficult ¨foggy¨ process of getting an investors visa. They are well versed and knowledgeable of the difficult and painstaking process of an application and they have a real understanding of what really is at stake if you don´t get it. They work inspired by that and they make sure the process covers all the pointy edges and fine print of the requirements. It has been an investment well spent!!”

Moises Hernandez

(June 2016) “I hired Weinstock Lawyers because of a recommendation form one consulate. Karen and her team helped me with my investor’s visa. They covered all the pointy edges and intricate details of an investor’s visa application from the business plan to my wife’s working permit. The have answered all my questions and they do their work considering what is at stake in terms of life, money and well being when someone applies for an immigration visa. I can tell it was money well invested.”

Doc Lion

(December 2015) “I had the pleasure to work with Karen and her team for the past 5 years, first for my R1 visa and later for my green card application, Karen and her staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable and great to work with. in the immigration world it is so nice to find lawyers that are getting the job done while providing you with great costumer service!”

Roey Shoshan

(November 2015) “Before we had one dedicated firm to handle all our immigration cases, we would get conflicting information and the attorneys we used may not have our company’s best interests in mind. We had been getting advice from Weinstock Immigration for years and occasionally would use them when an employee would ask for a referral. Karen Weinstock is uber focused on compliance and keeping us out of any immigration audit or lawsuit. She will be frank and honest- I totally trust her. When we received an audit based on another attorney’s work, we passed it on the Weinstock firm to handle, which led to a positive outcome. When it was decided that we needed to consolidate all our cases and have a dedicated firm, we received bids from three firms. Weinstock’s service is what put them over the edge and made us choose them. They are always available, and there is no need to make an appointment to talk with an attorney. That’s a big plus, as we are fast-paced and quite often need answers quickly. I can’t say enough about Karen Weinstock, Raju Patel, Vered Hod and the entire team. They are professional and knowledgeable, and I know our company is compliant on all immigration issues. I can’t imagine using any other firm. They are well deserving of praise.”

Carolyn Redding

(November 2015) “Weinstock Immigration Lawyers are excellent.”

Ramesh Indumathi

(July 2015) “I work for a multi-national company that to open offices in the USA three years ago. We had previously serviced this market through a distributor but decided it was time to set up our own office in Atlanta. As you can imagine, there were a number of things we needed to set up to achieve this; company registration, federal and state tax numbers, some premises and staff. And on top of all that I needed an L1 visa to make this all work. I needed to find legal representation that would take any unnecessary pain out of the equation. That’s where Raju came in. From the first consultation I was comfortable I had made the right decision; Raju walked me through the process in a very detailed manner. For someone totally new to the process it seemed a bit daunting but I felt comfortable Raju would take care of the visa while I focused on setting up the business. Three years later we’re building a solid business and none of this would have been possible if we’d failed at the visa hurdle. Thanks Raju!”

Adrian Queenan

(March 2015) “I really like the service provided by Weinstock for my EB-1B petition. Raju did a great job for me! She is one of the best lawyers I ever worked with. She is very professional, knowledgeable and always willing to help. I highly recommend her and her team for your immigration needs!”

Hongxin Hu

(September 2014) “We wanted to hire someone with certain skills and were having a hard time finding someone. We knew of people interested in the type of position with the specific skills overseas. The person specializing in immigration with our normal business law firms needed to get back to me with every question. A friend told me about Karen Weinstock. She knew all the answers to my questions off the top of her head and had me answer questions I did not know I should think about. A reasonable time later, we had another person on our team from overseas. Next time we will go straight to Karen.”

Brian Miller, TMC

“Karen got us what we needed from the INS when we needed it most. Her office operates professionally, the process is structured, we got answers to our concerns that took much of the stress out of the process – even when we needed those in the middle of the night. I have already recommended her to friends.”


“Weinstock Immigration Lawyers handled our cases since 2007, and I am highly satisfied. All our cases got approved. I will continue to work with them for many reasons.There is always someone available to answer any questions that I have. Everyone is very knowledgeable, which makes it very easy to work with them. I particularly like how they communicate with me. They keep me in the loop each step of the process, and are always very dependable with calling me on time. I definitely recommend them to anyone seeking immigration services, you won’t be disappointed.”


“We were interviewing a candidate that was at the time working for another company in our space. She at the time was working under a type of visa, a L-1B. We had to file a new visa petition for her to come to work with us. This was our first experience hiring someone that needed a visa, so we did not know that she could not simply transfer her current visa to us. Karen helped us tremendously in both educating us on the process and the laws. She also prepared and navigated and gathered the necessary information from the potential new-hire and completed and filed the necessary paperwork. She informed us of all our options, the expected timing of obtaining a visa, and also consulted both us and the new employee on risks of leaving her current company prior to obtaining (or possibly being denied) for a new visa. We encountered an immigration agent that was difficult to work with, and Karen was able to obtain the additional information requests (much of it was Karen obtaining specific information and org charts and specific job duties of current employees as well as the new hire’s expected job duties) that ultimately led in us obtaining the proper visa for the employee. She also consulted the employee, once the visa was approved on the logistics of getting in/out of the country and getting the visa stamped properly. We then hired a second employee that needed a visa, and due to our positive results with Karen the first time, we engaged her again and were able to get the second visa as well. Karen was instrumental in us getting this visa in time as the number of visas were running out and we needed to quickly gather the appropriate information, file, pay an expedited fee and were able to get one of the last remaining visas to be filed. If we had not succeeded in doing this on a timely basis, we would have had to wait another 10 months to attempt to try again and hire this person. I would recommend hiring Karen’t firm to other colleagues that were attempting to anything within the immigration law. She was professional, diligent, and knowledgeable about many different questions we had during the process. It was also helpful to have her to consult the new employees on how to exit and re-enter the country, and she provided them with additional comfort by writing additional letters and providing advice to them about certain documents to have on hand and how to answer certain questions that might have been asked by the immigration officers.”

Joelle Fox

Velocity Medical Solutions

“Karen Weinstock helped me and my company with visa and green card processes by providing very clear and simple to understand guidelines from the planning stage all the way to the reception of the green card itself. It was a pleasure to work with professionals in a very friendly atmosphere, available to help at all times and made me feel comfortable in general throughout the process. The fees that I paid were an excellent investment as it allowed me to focus my attention on the business and managing the company while my case was in trustworthy hands. I have already recommended Karen to a few people considering to apply for a green card.”

Udi Ben-David

General Manager
Americas at Alvarion Ltd.

“Karen Weinstock is one of the top lawyers in immigration. Her firm knows their work very well. I have known Karen since 2010 and she has been helping my company in immigration cases such as H-1B and L-1 with great ease and perfection. We used another lawyer before who got a visa denied for our critical employee and Karen was able to get the visa approved the second time, even though it is much more difficult after a denial. Karen has a very good sense of sympathy and kindness for clients which is very significant characteristic and it really made me feel at ease while discussing things with her. She is very comforting and made me feel confident about our cases in every meeting. Karen also has very good sense of case analysis and case representation. Her work is very precise and clean. I am very pleased with the prompt responses, diligent work and knowledge she has demonstrated while working on our cases. I am very satisfied with the services. I think my money paid is worth the investment and would like to recommend her to my colleagues and friends. All in all, great experience and highly and proudly recommended!!”

Bhavin Bharatia


“My corporation has retained Karen Weinstock to assist us with very complex immigration and employee visa matters. Karen is highly knowledgeable in this area and is adept at making certain that all documents and filings are made timely and completely. She is highly professional, has good communication and writing skills and keeps her clients informed on progress of matters. We would recommend her without hesitation to others needing the help of an immigration law expert.”


General Counsel


(May 2017) “I’m extremely impressed of the professionalism of Nellie Nahl Navidi. She took the time to explain our case and helped us decide what was best for our family. She has also helped several of our family members with their status and we are greatful and satisfied with the outcome. Overall she’s talented and very understanding. If you want a good lawyer she’s the one to go to.”

Miguel D.

(March 2017) “I would highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. They are very compassionate and did a fantastic job on our case. I especially would like to thank Nellie and Alina for their hard work.”

Angela Smith

(March 2017) “I had a great experience with their law firm. They helped me with my N400 application. Nellie was an excellent lawyer and her team did a good job with my case.”

Tareq Anani

(January 2017) “VERY HELPFUL!! My situation was very complex due to a deportation order. My attorney Leslie Diaz was very honest since the first day I walked into her office and told me all the options a had and the real chances of getting my green card approved through marriage. It was a long process but Leslie answered all my emails and calls during the long wait, which made a huge difference. My green card was approved about a month ago and I couldn’t be any happier . Thank you Leslie!!!”

Grace Quijano

(January 2017) “A very professional firm. We worked with Kristen she was extremely helpful and was always available to answer any questions.”

Rafael Alvarado

(January 2017) “Very happy we made a choice to go with this firm! Leslie Diaz was very knowledgeable and optimistic about our case. She helped us first with a fiancé visa K1 and then with getting a green card. We were always able to get in touch with the lawyer herself or the paralegal if we had any questions, which were answered in a timely matter. Their prices are competitive…and they are absolutely worth it! Thanks again Leslie and Kristen!”

Natalia Pchelintseva

(January 2017) “My experience with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was without a doubt one of best experiences every. I am thankful to Nellie Navidi and Alina Cox for their professionalism, understanding and overwhelming support they offer their clients. My process was lengthy, however they walked me through every process in detail. I highly recommend this firm if you ever need immigration advise or support. Thank you once again ladies and to your team for all the work you done for us. An extremely satisfied client”

Donna Green

(December 2016) “We contacted Weinstock Immigration Lawyers in February 2016 regarding getting a green card for my non-citizen spouse. He just got his green card 2 weeks ago. The experience with the firm in general, and with our attorney, Nellie, is pleasant. They arranged things quickly. The speed of the whole process just really depends on us and the government. As long as we provided every necessary documents and photos, they will file them right away. We did have a minor problem with their accounting department thought. Somehow, they charged the attorney fee to another credit of mine, not the one I wanted them to charge. To us, the fee we paid for the firm is well-worthy. First, we didn’t have to worry about filling applications. We just needed to provide documents that they required and done. They even have someone to notarize and translate some of our documents. Second, without Nellie’s advice, we might let my spouse come back to his country and now we know it would be a wrong move. In addition, she also help us to get my spouse his work permit and travel documents, which we would never think about that. The work permit actually helped my spouse blending into his new live in the US easier. Third, when we received our first interview notice, we thought we have to cancel the trip that we planned for months (we already paid for everything). But it was not a problem since we had Lisa to help us to reschedule it. Reading those online forum about rescheduling immigration interview, we thought it would be hard. But Lisa made it so easy to us. Fourth, Nellie arranged a phone meeting with us before the interview. The phone call actually helped us more than we thought. It calmed us down. She told us what we should expect. Finally, Nellie came with us to the interview. We had to pay extra money to have her with us. But it really worth the money. She knows the place, all we have to do is follow her. At one point, when I talked with the interviewer, Nellie jumped in to help me to clarifying some information that might be misunderstood for the interviewer. Since we were nervous, sometimes, we might said something that we don’t even realize what we are talking about. Having someone like Nellie with us actually help us to keep the right direction. After a long interview, we finally got approval. However, for some reason, the interviewer didn’t know that we need a stamp on my spouse’s passport so he can travel with me on Christmas (in case he not yet receives his green card). The interviewer told us that the current travel docs should be okay. But Nellie knew it’s not okay and somehow, she finally get a stamp for my spouse’s passport. At that moment, we truly felt that she really goes extra miles for us – her client. When my spouse came here in the US, we would never think that we can help him to be able to stay here legally and start a new life that fast. We are same-sex couple. We have a big age difference. He was here on his B2 visa. We understand that those 3 things absolutely bring a red flag to an immigration case. We thought it would be very hard we might have to deal with a lot of emotional stress. Luckily, we have Nellie and Lisa who make the whole process is surprisingly smooth. We are very happy with them. If you are reading this long comment and considering hiring an attorney for your immigration case, you should consider Nellie.”

Richard Misener

(December 2016) “I was directed to this firm by my employer as they were assisting in my application for a green card. The process was very straightforward and simplified by a comprehensive questionnaire. A few simple calls and everything was on it’s way. They were very knowledgable in the process and requirements and answered all my questions immediately. They kept me updated of the progress all along the way and followed up to the completion. This was definately a good choice and well worth the investment to have the confidence that my application was complete and would be processed without issue.”

Ted Hawkshaw

(December 2016) “The best I’ve ever had, this firm got the job done rather quickly. I was impatient with them because the process took quiet a while, but that was due to immigration itself not the law firm. But in itself Weinstock law firm ,I was told by the Ethiopian consulate the the paper work was so detailed and organized , that they were amazed and said they wished everyone who came to them was like it , also it made process move along at a rapid pace , job well done, well done weinstock. Well done. Thank you and I now have my wife coming within a couple of weeks.”


(December 2016) “I was a client of Karen Weinstock for over 10 years, first when she was at another firm and then I sought out her expertise when she open her own practice. In fact, Karen was recommended to me by a colleague who lives across the country, who commented that “Weinstock is J1″. If you have a seemingly impossible J1 situation, these are the people you contact. Most recently, Nellie N. and Lisa S. from Weinstock Immigration Lawyers helped out my mother with her green card application. They were professional, goal-oriented, and got everything done on time. I have recommended Weinstock’s team to a few of my friends. I am happily doing it here as well.”

Max X.

(October 2016) “I was a client of Karen Weinstock for over 10 years, first when she was at another firm and then I sought out her expertise when she open her own practice. In fact, Karen was recommended to me by a colleague who lives across the country, who commented that “Weinstock is J1″. If you have a seemingly impossible J1 situation, these are the people you contact. Most recently, Nellie N. and Lisa S. from Weinstock Immigration Lawyers helped out my mother with her green card application. They were professional, goal-oriented, and got everything done on time. I have recommended Weinstock’s team to a few of my friends. I am happily doing it here as well.”

Max X.

(October 2016) “Ms. Karen Weinstock is a very professional lawyer, does her job very seriously. I will give 100% credit to my Green card approval, because my case was kind of complicated. I worked with few other attorneys in the past when I switched companies. But working Karen made myself more aware and confident. She has tremendous immigration knowledge; she gave very personal attention to my immigration needs and very responsive to questions. There is no word to explain how happy I am.”


(September 2016) “Hands down the best immigration law firm in the South and possibly the entire US!! Nellie, Lisa and Elizabeth were AMAZING!!!! I am sure the entire team is, but all my contact was with the 3 mentioned ladies. This law firm really proves that Girls run the World. Quick responses to email, follow up as needed, great customer service etc. They are the team to beat.”

The Moltons

(September 2016) “My name is Suzanne Ham. I was a Canadian but I’m now a permanent residence of the united states, thanks to the Weinstock immigration lawyer Nellie Navidi! She made the process very simple. easy and stress free and the whole process took only five months and one week! She’s very easy to talk too and very personable. I would recommended her and her servise to anyone that needs immigration help! Thank you very very much!”


(September 2016) “Nellie Navidi and Kristen Wilson provided excellent support for us during my husband’s application for the CR1 visa. They were very timely in collecting all the documents we needed for our application and carefully reviewed the paperwork to ensure there were no mistakes. Whenever we had any questions for them, they always answered in a timely manner and made sure we fully understood the process. We highly recommend anyone going through this process to go to Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. It was wonderful working with them. Thank you! Rachel and Jeyhun”


(August 2016) “OI would like to share with you my experience in working and dealing with Weinstock Immigrations law firm, I had my first meeting with them on Oct.15 and we filed all the documents By Nov15… They explained the process step by step to me , time frames fees every thing… Process was suppose to take 6 month till getting my Green card and surprisingly I got my residency only in 3 month… They are professional, efficient.. I really recommend them!”

Shamel Hanafi

(June 2016) “Our personal experience was only 8-9 months. Every form, letter or petition was put together in such a way that all we did was pass the package prepared by the great attorneys at Weinstock through the window and Bang it was stamped approved. The entire process was easy and amazing when you have a great firm behind you. There were others at the Consulate that were denied because all of their documents were not in order. We highly recommend Weinstock”


(June 2016) “In May of 2015 I contacted the law firm of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to get the help I needed in acquiring permanent residence. I was placed in contact with Nellie Navidi (one of their attorneys) who from my first appointment made me feel at ease and confident in this quest I was about to undertake. She exuded in warmth, genuineness, kindness and was attentive to my concerns. I must say she is professional, efficient and very knowledgeable about immigration issues. Nellie quieted all my concerns and made the process happen for me – because of Nellie, I was able to become a permanent resident and a very happy, satisfied client. She is reliable and trustworthy. How do I say thank you Nellie? There are not enough words to express my sincere thanks for a service done with a spirit of excellence. I MOST DEFINITELY will be recommending friends and anyone I know who needs an immigration attorney to handle their affairs to Nellie Navidi. Thanks Nellie.”


(May 2016) “I never expected to fall in love with someone overseas but I did. After visiting my fiancé in Europe, I realized I wanted him to be with me all the time. I googled several attorneys but decided to go with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers as I was impressed with their website. I loved the fact that about only 1% of visa cases were denied by the USCIS. This got my attention. After my personal consultation I decided to move forward with the Weinstock Immigration Group. From day one, the Weinstock Immigration attorneys assured me that they would walk with me through the process every step of the way. They have done just that for the most part. Knowing you have someone looking out for your best interest is very comforting and gives you peace of mind. The K1 Fiance Visa process is very stressful and can take a lot of time to complete depending on which country your fiancé lives in. My fiancé was from Kenya but lived in Greece. It was a very difficult case to say the least. Working with the Greek government was not made easy but with the help of my attorneys, we were able to get the proper requirements accomplished. My case was recently approved and my fiancé was granted a K1 Visa. He is now here in the U.S. with me and we are set to get married in just 6 days. I couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. If you’re thinking of filing for a K1 Finace Visa, please know it is not an overnight process. You will need to have lots of patience, a willingness to learn and research information for yourself along the way. Knowledge is the key so do your work. You will get frustrated but stay the course because it is worth it. In the end, when it’s all said and done, the fees I paid were fair. My only complaint would be that I felt my attorneys could’ve informed me more in advance about each step of the way during the course of the entire process. By knowing ahead of time, I know I wouldn’t have stressed out as much as I did. But, this in no way would ever deter me from using this fantastic group of attorneys once again. They were very professional and always kept in great touch with me on the things I needed to do. I want to personally thank the Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for making my dream a reality. With their diligence, I can now begin living the rest of my life with the man I love. I would highly recommend the Weinstock Lawyers over and over. Thank you once again!”

Dorene Southern

(April 2016) “When we needed a family based immigration law firm, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was our first choice. Nellie & Kristen did a tremendous job making sure that all the paperwork we needed for our case was well organized & submitted in time. They kept us abraced with every detail of the entire process. Their openness in communication & attention to all the necessary details to our case gave us the confidence that we’re working with people who treat their clients with great worth. The fee charged was very reasonable & worth it. So if anyone is looking for a highly professional family based immigration law firm, look no further, contact Weinstock Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, regardless of the magnitude of your case, you’ll be impressed with their personal, friendly & professional services. I am very grateful to Nellie and Kristen for all the work that they did. If I was to do this all over again, I would choose this awesome group of lawyers.”

Juliana Mugisha

(March 2016) “Nellie did an incredible job getting my immigration visa processed even faster that I had expected. I would definitely use her service and her office again for any future immigration matters. Highly recommended.”

M. C.

(March 2016) “They’re the best immigration lawyers…I recommend them to everybody, they always with you from the beginning to the end of your case and after that if you need them…keep up with the good job.
Thank y’all so much…”

Reynaldo Rodriguez

(March 2016) “My husband Reynaldo Rodriguez was in this country illegally. He described it many times “it’s was like being in a golden cage.” Meaning he is able to see all the great possibilities this county can offer to those that work hard, but not given the chance. That was before we found Weinstock Immigration. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years, and we have four boys. My husband had been in the country for around 11 years before we decided to find a lawyer. We were so nervous and worried about how much it was going to cost, but it wasn’t long after starting the process that we knew that we had chosen the right group of lawyers to to help us. They were amazing, they are so knowledgeable, I was amazed at the detail and the amount of paperwork that is involved,but they can handled everything so professionally and with compassion. Our family will be forever grateful to Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for keeping our family together.”

Amanda Rodriguez

(February 2016) “Nellie Navidi was very helpful and thorough in guiding me through the process. I would definitely recommend their assistance.”

Rachel Speed

(February 2016) “I arrived in the USA in 2015 and applied for my permanent residency through marriage with the help of Mrs Raju Patel. Embarking on an immigration journey, I anticipated much anxiety and stress. To my relief, the process was fast, easy and stress-free. This is all due to our excellent lawyer who made the process so efficient for us by explaining everything clearly and concisely so that we would understand every stage. We were given clear instructions on how to fill out forms correctly to avoid errors which would have delayed the process. Furthermore, the firm is very good with communication – emails are always answered and reminders are sent out to clients timeously. I am so grateful to Raju and the team for all their help and for making the process so pleasant for us! I would highly recommend Mrs Raju Patel from Weinstock Immigration.”


(February 2016) “Excellent attorney and team, they care about their client and making sure that people have their needs met, would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking help with immigration!”

Pete Maughan

(January 2016) “I would highly recomend Weinstock Immigration Lawyer to anyone needing this service. They were very profesional and fast getting my Citizenship handled. They made me very comfortable with the process, explained all the steps to me, answered any questions that I may have had. The fee is very resonable for this process. I am completely pleased with Nellie and all the others at this firm.”

Nick Ahmed

(January 2016) “Ms Navidi in my opinion has quickly established herself and her office as my Favorite Immigration Attorney to ever have dealt with, she and her office have been personal and patient in my case, my wife and I filed to adjust my status but made some mistakes and had to hire an attorney, my referred us to her office since they resolved a case where my niece and nephew were denied access to the US, Nellie Handled our case and from our initial consultation proved to very knowledgeable in regards to Immigration law and explained and made it all simple for us (my wife and I) she would call to ensure that the line of communication was open, From beginning to my receiving my status here she has been there she has become more than just a lawyer to us she has become a friend.”


(January 2016) “I was very pleased with Nellie’s and Lisa’s help. They were very professional, knowledgeable and always quick to respond to my questions. Thank you very much for all your help.”

Margarita B.

(January 2016) “Highly recommend Nellie Navidi and Weinstock Immigration to give you the very highest quality immigration support you can have. She knows the ins and outs, is very thorough and her team work quickly to get a successful end result. I would not look elsewhere!!!!!”

Pavitar Singh

(December 2015) “My husband and I needed an attorney and we chose to use Ms. Navidi’s services and were very glad we did. She is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions, was very helpful; she really cares about her clients and for us that was very important. If you’re needing an immigration attorney she’s the one person you should call. I highly recommend Ms. Navidi!!”


(December 2015) “I highly recommend Weinstock immigration lawyers services for anyone looking for a successful outcome to their immigration needs. I hired Weinstock immigration to represent my wife and I for the waiver and residence case. The interactions were done mainly through email, but there was absolutely no loss in the service provided. Weinstock immigration Lawyers were able to successfully guide us through the application and interview process to obtain the wife visa. Listed below are some specific reasons why I would choose Weinstock immigration lawyers to be my immigration lawyer: 1. Weinstock lawyers always responded quickly with answers to all of my questions. 2. Weinstock immigration lawyers works with me and my wife with an accessible and reasonable payment plan. 3. Weinstock provided step-by-step instructions and explained the entire process, which made it easy for us to know what to do and what to expect at each stage. 4. Weinstock immigration lawyers have a deep knowledge and experience to be proactive when necessary. Karen correctly advised me to file additional forms and information so that our application would not be held up at the USCIS. 5. Weinstock immigration lawyers filed the forms and followed up with the USCIS when our case seemed to take longer. 6. Weinstock immigration lawyers prepared my wife for the interview by making sure we had the necessary forms, letters, etc. The attorney was also willing to hold a preparation interview and answer any last minute questions before the consular interview. 7. My wife mentioned that she was well prepared with all documents and requirements needed for the consular interview. Her successful interview only lasted a minute. For my wife and I, our decision to apply for the residence was one of the most important steps for our life. I wanted everything done right the first time, with no delays and failures. Weinstock was able to make this possible. If you are looking for a professional immigration lawyer who covers the entire basis and works tirelessly to represent you to a successful outcome, hire Weinstock immigration lawyers and you will not be disappointed because they are the most professional lawyers team ever! Thanks a lot to Lisa Soto and Kristen Wilson for all your help and patience you guys are awesome!”


(December 2015) “We initially called Weinstock for help with immigration for my husband’s application to become a citizen. We met with Nellie Navidi to explain our situation; she was very personable and kind while at the same time asking all the questions as if she were the USCIS agent. It made us feel like we were in good hands and she’s really trying to help us get the best outcome. We sent all paperwork and documents and they filed as soon as they received receipt of those. She attented the interview with us after a pre-interview practice session on the phone. We felt very confident and prepared thanks to Nellie. It was most definitely a good investment. Nellie is knowledgeable, prepared and really knows how to get her clients the best outcome as possible. She seemed invested in our situation and we got approved. Thanks, Nellie.”

Brittany Burgess

(November 2015) “Very passionate about her job and friendly. Weinstock immigration lawyers help me get my green card within six months. i here by recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for anybody who is looking for green card and reliable service on any immigration related cases. #excellent service and friendly attorney#”.


(October 2015) “I would like to express my gratitude to Karen Weinstock’s Law Firm.
My special thanks to Vered Hod for the personal attention and the superb service.
I strongly recommend the services of this Law Firm for its reliable & professional services”.


(September 2015) “GREAT LAW FIRM. I hired a lawyer here in Savannah were I live to help me get my wife over here from Guyana and he failed, so I called the Weinstock firm told them the trouble I was having and they told me they can handle that .They assigned Leslie Dias and her paralegal Keren Wilson to my case and within three months my wife was here with me. I was always able to talk with her about my case at any time, these lawyers are at the top of their game and they know how to get the job done so if you have any immigrations questions just give them a call and they will solve your problem. Thank you Weinstock you are the best”

Anthony Samuel

(August 2015) “First of all I want to start of by thanking Karen and her assistant Kristen from the bottom of my heart. Kristen did an awesome job in helping my wife and I with geting all the documents together that we needed. At the beginning we were a little hesitate with our choice since we had heard of a lot of immigration lawyers that do not do a good job. As soon as Karen took our case in her hands we knew we had made the right choice. Karen knows exactly what immigration is asking for and knows exactly what documents are needed. Kristen walked with us step by step and Karen made the process look and feel easy. I currently have my visa and are waiting for my residence card to come in the mail. My advice for everyone is to go to weinstock immigration lawyers they know how to win cases and work with you every step of the way. I could have not asked for a better lawyer!! I highly recommend them; Karen is the best of the best!!”

Luis Xec

(August 2015) “I recently hired Nellie to apply for my wife’s residence here in the US and she did a wonderful job. At every step of the process she had us informed at all times and she was very easy to get a hold of either by email or phone… Nellie would always answer you and any question you may have. I would really recommend her to get the job done right and in a timely manner… I am very satisfy with her work…”


(August 2015) “I hired Karen Weinstock at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to represent me after my previous immigration lawyers dragged their feet for too long with my green-card application and almost got it denied when an RFE wasn’t handled in a timely manner. Karen and her team were quick to turn things around and were able to resolve some complicated issues and my green card application was approved shortly thereafter. When it was time to file for naturalization I decided that I’d be better safe than sorry and hired them again, and I’m very glad I did. Their knowledge of my case, and the fact that they accompanied me to the final interview and discussed it with the officer during the interview must have saved me from further delays. I was approved and naturalized the same day.”

Noam Small

(July 2015) “Karen and her office staff have been wonderful. They were able to get a green card issued for my mother. The best part about working with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers is how informed you are. At every step in the process, there was communication about what was needed, what would happen and an estimated timeframe until the next step. We have now reached the final step of my mother coming and we could not be more excited!”

Danilo Stocco

(July 2015) “I feel it’s hard to write a review that fully covers all the wonderful things that Weinstock did for me during a stressful time. Nellie is all you need in an Immigration Lawyer. Full of insight and knowledge, she can guide you through the most complicated of cases. Even when mine got held up, she was the voice of calm and reason when I was getting stressed. Without doubt, I would recommend anyone to her or to Weinstock Immigration Lawyers.”

Anthony Reeves

(June 2015) “me and my partner got married in the state of New York but live here in Georgia, he was born in Mexico but has lived here in the States for many years. After we got legally married, we called Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to review our case for immigration. Our lawyer Nellie Navidi was very professional, organized + gave us all the information that we needed to present our case as a legally married couple. She went us to our immigration meeting last December, and my partner received his 2 year residency. Our lawyer Nellie would always make us feel reassured that we had the same rights as any other married couple! We will be using Weinstock Immigration Lawyers when we go back to immigration next year for our next meeting. Very professional and highly recommended.”

Jeffrey & Miguel

(June 2015) “I needed help to apply for my green card and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was one of two lawyers in my area recommended by a site that I found. I went with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers because I felt that the other firm was not interested in helping me in my case per se, but rather in the money that they would earn in taking my case. Weinstock Immigration Lawyers and in particular Raju, helped to me to understand the process, the information and supporting documentation that were required for my case and put me on an affordable payment plan which was a huge help. Raju was my lawyer. I felt that I was always given the good advice, that my case was given the attention that it required, and that I was treated as an individual. My lawyer was easily accessible and always kept me informed on all aspects of my case, even to let me know when she would not be working on my case. The fee was a very good investment for getting my green card. Weinstock Immigration Lawyers was willing to work with me and my situation to give a payment plan that made their fees affordable. When I was looking for a lawyer to file my green card application, I wanted to find a lawyer that I could trust and not feel like I was overpaying for services. There are other immigration lawyers that would probably charge less, but at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers they are interested in you having a successful outcome and working with you every step of the way to making it happen, including working with you on a fee structure that you can afford. Thank you Raju and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for your great work!”

Heather Patrick

(June 2015) “Raju was very thorough, meticulous and straight forward from start to finish in helping secure my permanent Resident card. I consulted with 2 lawyers prior to going to Weinstock , they both said for me to resign to my faith and remain underground or return to my native. I presented my case to Raju and she said this can be done, she outlined all the steps, fees and we started the process. Updates and communication was excellent , the staff are compassionate and professional and today I am a Green Card holder. Raju has an excellent understanding of the immigration law. She’s genuine and very personable, easy to talk to and above all she genuinely cares!”


(June 2015) “We had contacted another immigration firm closer to us first. They never replied to any of the messages we left. A friend in Colorado recommended Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. We called and had an appointment two days later. The consultation was very encouraging, and professional. Nellie and Kristen helped us in a very positive manner through the whole process. We could not have asked for a better team and highly recommend their professional help in any immigration matters. When my wife applies for citizenship, we will be returning to Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for assistance. Thank you again for all your help in getting our permanent residence problems solved.”

John Lauth

(March 2015) “After a frustrating experience with another immigration attorney, my wife found attorney Rajeshri Shah Patel. In our experience with Raju, she proved herself to be very knowledgeable, detailed, and always available to answer any questions. She worked diligently on our green card case and her level of expertise made all the difference in the success of our case. Choosing Raju and her team to handle our case was, without a doubt, the Right Decision.”


(February 2015) “Karen Weinstock and her team literally saved my friend’s life! Being from a foreign country, having NO obvious legal way to stay in the U.S, Karen knew the law and used her knowledge to not only make it legal for my friend to stay in the U.S. but also set the ground work for her to obtain her green card! Every step of the way, the team kept us informed, showed us exactly what we needed to do/complete, reviewed documents, legal precedents and overall paved the way for my friend to not only live again but begin a brand new life. Our deepest respect, gratitude, and appreciation will always be theirs!”


(January 2015) “Raju and her team helped us through visa and subsequent green card processses and I can honestly say I have nothing negative to say about her or the company. Always quick to respond to any questions I posed, kept me informed of progress and updates, and always polite and professional.
I would highly recommend this practice for anyone going through the immigration process, which can be very stressful, even with an attorney.”

Liz W.

“Attorney Rajeshri Patel has been my family’s immigration attorney since 2009 when we applied for green card. As is true for many immigrants, my case was a long journey. However, during the long journey, we did not waste any additional time for document missing or incomplete as some people might experienced with their attorneys. Also she cared us by charging us less make us felt affordable. She is intelligent, knowledgeable and reassuring. I will, of course, be forever grateful to Attorney Patel for helping me to start building my American Dream.”


(October 2014) “I wouldn’t be where I am to today without Karen Weinstock and her team. I got to know Karen Weinstock in 2006 when I first was relocated by the company I was working for. With an existing L1 visa I reached out to her to get more details on how to apply for a green card. When we met I immediately knew I was in great hands. Karen is so calm and with her outstanding knowledge and experience it was easy to work with her. Unfortunately the company I worked for pulled the plug and we couldn’t proceed with the application. I stayed in touch with Karen and whenever I had a question I reached out to her and received a response within 24 hours.In 2012 my work visa expired I reached out again to find out what I can do to extend my stay for a certain time. Karen helped me with a tourist visa and everything went so smooth, no issues no problems, no questions asked by the immigration. My stay got extended for another 6 months. During this period I started dating a guy I knew for quite some time and once the tourist visa expiration came close he asked me to stay with him and his little son (who lost his mom due to sickness). Again I went to see Karen and she was so touched by the story and happy for me and said, we are going to apply for an extension of the tourist visa that should give us time to decide what we want to do later on.

My tourist visa was about to expire and just one week before the expiration date my boy friend asked me to marry him, to stay with him and his little boy (my little sunshine). I said yes and we went back to see Karen since we knew we couldn’t pull of the wedding before my visa expiration date. Karen was so happy to see that everything worked out and gave us the steps we have to take in order to file for the green card. We filed the application about 2 weeks after our marriage and about 6 weeks after my visa expiration and today I am a green card holder. Living happily with my family in the US. If Karen wouldn’t have the knowledge, I may have had to leave the country and it would have taken us forever to get back together. I am so thankful that I met Karen and she was our immigration attorney. Karen and her team are fantastic and I hope she will be able to help many couples to be able to stay together.”

Manuela Ruelas

(September 2014) “Karen Weinstock law firm has one of best immigration teams in US. The team is always reachable and my questions/concerns were quickly addressed. The team has complete understanding of the immigration law. They respond to USCIS very carefully and thoroughly. The team here is very friendly and very professional. I wasted time and money with some of the well known attornies in Atlanta. Then I came to know about Karen Weinstock and spoke to her. Immediately I could feel the difference and I got the confidence that I will get my life back soon. Now we have our green cards. I recommend Karen Weinstock law firm to all friends, family and others.”

Mohan Govindaraj

(September 2014) “Karen and her team are absolutely dedicated to a successful Green Card process.They helped me every step along the way. in My case it took about12 month total. Only because of the very detailed and thoughtful process Karen and her team puts out my application went trough without any hassle.

I can recommend anyone looking for a Green Card to turn to Karen. Super friendly associates, well experienced immigration lawyer and reasonable pricing, just perfect!”

Martin Pleyer

“My experience was fantastic! Attorney Diaz and the entire team working on my case helped me to obtain my green card after I married my husband. The whole process was complicated, and the lawyers and their team explained everything to me very clearly and helped us to put my application together. We were a bit worried since because of religious reasons our situation was a bit complicated (we wanted to get married but not live together until after our religious ceremony). Other lawyers before told us this was impossible and that we had to lie about us living together in our application. My husband and I did not feel comfortable with this. Thank God we met Attorney Diaz, who did not judge us for our decision, but on the contrary, worked with us to find a way to get us the green card AND allow us to not live together until the religious wedding and not lie to the government! Furthermore, it was very important to me to get married in Colombia, my home country, so that my family could be present. Other lawyers had told me that this was not possible and that I should just marry here, since I would not have the time to receive my travel papers. Attorney Diaz fully understood my desire to have the religious ceremony in Colombia and worked VERY QUICKLY on my case so that I was able to receive the travel documents to celebrate the religious wedding in Colombia with my whole family. We truly had the impression that she worked for our needs and beliefs, and represented us and our case amazingly! She was able to obtain everything we were hoping for that seemed completely impossible. The team of people working on my case guided me through all the papers and documents I need, and made a horrific process completely bearable! I received my green card in the mail a few weeks ago, and feel very happy! I am glad I choose this group to take care of my immigration issues! I would highly recommend them for their professionalism, their availability to help you at any time, as well as their overall success.. but above all, for their ability to LISTEN to who you are, your priorities and goals and working with you to get there, even when it seems impossible or ridiculous to others. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WORK ON MY CASE!”

Natalia Perez Uribe

“Attorney Rajeshri Patel was my family’s immigration attorney in 2007 when we applied for Permanent Residency. As is true for many immigrants, my case was complex and I felt overwhelmed. I was worried that things were hopeless and our application would never be approved. Before hiring Attorney Patel, I felt like I had no idea what was going on with my application or if anything could be done to ensure a good outcome. Other attorneys before her had provided paid consultations only to tell me that there was nothing that they could do. Attorney Patel, however, was more than up for the task. She is intelligent, knowledgeable and reassuring. She interviewed my family and me, thought creatively about our options, handled the paperwork and helped us to navigate the overwhelming and intimidating immigration process. Attorney Patel also accompanied me to my USCIS interview and helped me to feel more secure about the outcome. My application was successful and I went on to become an attorney myself, inspired in large part by Attorney Patel. I will, of course, be forever grateful to Attorney Patel for helping me to start building my American Dream.”


“After almost a year of feeling at a distinct disadvantage with the system [trying to do it ourselves], it was nice to finally feel relief and trust in individuals who knew what they were doing and were on our side! Everyone I had contact with (either by phone or e-mail) at the Weinstock law office was knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I truly appreciated their swiftness in answering any questions or concerns we had, as well as how they kept us aware of any and all progress in our case. Ms. Weinstock answered all our quesions and kept us informed of any updates to our case. In a matter of weeks, the ineligibilities were removed and my husband was told he could have his visa… I realized that we should have contacted an immigration lawyer from the very beginning to get advice on how best to proceed. If we had known to do this, a lot of money, frustration, and time – which for us, was spent apart – would have been eliminated.”

Rachel Pimenov

“I was an abused ex spouse whose case was pending for over 2 years. Even though I was approved to file for myself, the USCIS office in Charleston was delinquent in communicating with me. Numerous letters were sent following the chain of command and no response. I contacted Ms. Diaz and within 3 days of filing the lawsuit we received a response and in less than 3 months I was granted my green card. I will be recommending Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. Thank you Leslie, God bless.”


“I was so fortunate to get to know Attorney Diaz for the past several years and to have her represent me for my immigration case at the USCIS office. Attorney Diaz has brought victory and conclusion to my immigration case which was dragging for years. She is such a talented attorney, very understanding and relating to her clienteles as a person. Over the years Attorney Diaz has served me as an attorney and now I have the pleasure and the confidence to recommend her to anyone who is in need and looking for a talented and professional attorney. I have witnessed that Attorney Diaz to be a person of integrity, passionate about helping people and a humble and victorious attorney. I am so grateful that I came to know her and to be served by her. I am so indebted to the excellent services I had received from her and her staff over the years and to inform anyone who is considering to buy an attorney. Attorney Diaz will definitely help you and get you the victory you need as quick as possible.”


“Leslie is a cool attorney that takes time to listen her clients and does not rush to decide on what must be done. She will research into your case & consult with her partners when needed before taking the necessary action. I trusted her with my case and the Green card application was approved in less than a month after she got involved, it was incredible. She was at the interview as she promised. Green card was delivered to my house 1 week after the interview. She is reponsible, trust-worthy, reliable and accountable. Period. Couldn’t have asked for a more friendly attorney. Thank you Leslie.”


“Karen helped me because I wanted to file an appeal for my mom after her immigrant visa was denied. It felt great and reassured in a realistic way. She was very realistic of the situation, but at the same time she was trying. I felt like I was working with the right person. The money I paid was certainly a good investment. At the time, it was a high fee, but for what they were doing, I thought that if it was going to change the result, it was worth it! I would tell others in my situation do not give up! Sometimes, when it comes to immigration, I know a lot of people get denied for minor reasons. If you get a good lawyer, the outcome will be completely different. Sometimes you go to a lawyer that asks for everything up front, and if the case is denied, then you lost all of that money. But it wasn’t like that with Karen. Karen did a wonderful job! My mom is here now, and she’s really enjoying it.”

Susan Kim

“In July of 2012 my husband’s name was selected in the GC lottery pool. Since we were already living in the US (my husband was on a student visa and I was on a work visa) we tried to file the necessary documentation on our own. After realizing that the process was very overwhelming and not finding clear answers online we decided to consult with an immigration attorney. A friend recommended Karen to us and we decided to hire her after the first meeting, which took place in mid-August. She explained the process very clearly and we were grateful that she was able to take our case at the time. One thing was clear: we had to get all the necessary paperwork form our home country, fill out USCIS forms, complete biometric screening, interviews and be approved for the green card before the end of September. We tried not to keep our hopes too high because we had one and a half months left!Karen worked very hard in getting all the paperwork ready and reaching out and following up with the USCIS on our behalf. She did more than we ever expected from an attorney and always had time to answer our questions (and there were a lot of them). Her dedication, knowledge and hard work were crucial in getting the green cards for us. One month after we hired her, she was able to get us the interviews at the USCIS, which was the final step in the process. This was unheard of!!

Today, my husband and I are both green card holders thanks to Karen! This was a life changing moment for us and it would have never happened had we not hired Karen!”

Sejdefa and Damir

“Karen is an amazing attorney. She held my hands through out the process and made the process so easy. I had been told by many attorneys that my case was impossible but Karen gave me hope from the first day. She and Kristen communicated with me every step of the way. They also have a wonderful payment plan that made it easy for me to start the process. In less than six months, I became a legal permanent resident. I will be forever grateful!!!”



(April 2017) “It was a great pleasure working with Raju. She is very professional and easy to communicate with. She did an excellent job in preparing the documents for my case, which indeed has been approved very fast. I would highly recommend Raju and the firm for immigration petitions.”

Yingjie Lao

(March 2017) “Very experienced attorney”

Edo Ohayon

(February 2017) “I am an Indian Citizen working as a Software Engineer in the US and I had applied for my Green card 12 years before. My green card was pending approval for a long time as it was getting processed on EB3. When my application date became current I received an RFE from USCIS and it had to be answered. I was prompted by my employer to approach Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to seek help in answering the RFE. I started interacting with the Weinstock Lawyers, submitted them all the necessary documents. The paralegal was very courteous and after analyzing my situation they were able to prepare the necessary paperwork and were able to reply to the RFE. To my great surprise, I got my green card approval from USCIS without any further delay or queries. I thank profusely Weinstock Lawyers for their help in enabling me to put an end to my long wait for the green card. I was also charged very little for their invaluable services. I highly recommend them for anyone who is seeking immigration help.”

Satya Giriappa

(January 2017) “I contacted attorney Patel after having doubts of what Mrs. Reilly, my past attorney was doing with my case. Patel explained me how I was going to be banned for 3 years from entering the US for the actions of my past lawyer who did not file in time in my name. Thanks to Patel’s extensive knowledge of the law, professionalism and care, in a very difficult case I was able to get a new visa. For all this, if you ask me she is nothing less than an angel.”

David Diaz

(November 2016) “I had a pleasure to work with Karen and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. It was a very smooth ride from my H-1B visa to the green card.
The team was able to show commitment to the case and work under severe time pressure to make sure everything was done right and in time.
I would definitely recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to anyone who’s looking for immigration-related help.”


(July 2016) “After many years of having working visas, I decided to move forward and look for the permanent residency through my employer. It is a long and complex process and the company and I needed to make sure that we had the best immigration lawyers on our side. They are very professional and knowledgeable, the whole process was flawless, thanks to them. I would definitely recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers for your all your immigration needs, they are the best. Always thankful, Felipe.”

Felipe Bobadilla

(June 2016) “My name is Karima. Karen and her staff helped me with my green card procedure. They are really nice and helpful. They always have answered quick to are emails and phone calls. They also answered all my questions regarding about my green card. They staff is really friendly and always helpful. They are the best lawyers in Atlanta. Trust me on that.”

Karishma Allauddin

(March 2016) “I hired Rajeshri Shah Patel to work on my employment-based application for permanent residency. I appreciated the guidance of Rajeshri and her expertise in the immigration laws, which are considered to be very complicated and dynamically changing. She was very patient with me and answered all my questions. I encourage everyone, however, to seek second and third opinions to all questions you ask an attorney. The turnaround of all legal work was fast and the outcome was successful. The pricing was affordable for me to pay. In the course of my application, I received a request for evidence, which we were able to resolve when I prepared a sworn statement. To avoid receiving requests for evidence, I suggest everyone to make sure you provide all relevant information to USCIS up front and double check if your application was correctly completed by an attorney. Hope this helps and good luck!”


(January 2016) “They filed the I-140 petition on my behalf. I really appreciate the high quality of their work. For example, all the letters of recommendation were extremely well written, and every sentence highlighted me and my research, not someone in general. Also, they responded to my inquiry very quickly, even during the weekend. My case was approved within a week. Overall, it’s an absolutely pleasant experience working with them! Additionally, I felt the charge was very reasonable. I just provided them a summary of my research and some documents. They took care of everything else. If you need someone to help you file your I-140, I will strongly recommend Attorneys Karen Weinstock and Leslie Diaz because I worked with both of them, and they are absolutely awesome.”

Meihua Qian

(August 2015) “My husband and I went through Weinstock for our green card applications (employment based), and just recently got our approvals! although the process was lengthy and complicated mainly due to the nature of the field I am in and my related degrees, there was no doubt in my mind at any point that Weinstock would be able to help us through the process. They have been very helpful throughout and answered every question we had promptly and efficiently. Thank you Weinstock team!”

Liisa Nasanen

(June 2015) “2 weeks ago, they helped me applying for green card in EB1-B category. It’s a pleasure to work with them. My attorney, Leslie, used her great expertise to make the petition letter and everything looking wonderful. And my case was approved without RFE. I do appreciate her expertise and great work.”

Lin Li

(September 2014) “My J1 visa was subjected to the two years rule and I am working in academia.I was unsatisfied with my previous attorney, and following a recommendation from a friend I hired Ms Weinstock and his team. The firm efficiently worked on my case and in a short amount of time I obtained the waiver. My overall rating is excellent.

I strongly recommend this firm.”


“My L1 was denied one time earlier. I met Karen and explained my case. She helped me prepare my documents again and got my L1 approved. She always responded within hours. Her experience and understanding for immigration cases is outstanding. I had certain complications in the case which she solved with a lot of ease and precision. She is very dedicated towards the case and has worthy knowledge about all the aspects of immigration. Karen has a fantastic combination of hard work, knowledge and experience. Very highly recommended!!”

Ami Shah

“Rajeshri Shah Patel is my immigration attorney and has been handling my immigration matters since past several years . She is detailed and thorough in documentation. She kept me informed and addressed my questions promptly. She worked on my case diligently and her efforts made the process simpler. I would definitely recommend Rajeshri to anyone seeking immigration assistance.”

Jagruti Solanki

“Raju was great to work with. Her attention to detail and knowledge about the immigration process was great reassurance. I would recommend Raju to anyone.”

Juan Baron

“Raju has taken the best care of our application file, answering all questions we had along the way, and giving us advice on how to proceed at every step along the way. It was really helpful to have an expert readily available to answer any and all the questions we had, ensuring a smooth application with no time delays. We are thankful for her advice and knowledge.”


“Karen helped me and my husband in getting our green cards. She is very dedicated to her job and most important, very knowledgeable. She works with a great team, very responsive and understanding. I highly recommend her.”


“Karen is very knowledgeable about all immigration information and cases. She provided me with the best options for my green card application. She is also willing to spend time to explain to me about all these options and keep me informed.”

Yue Wang

“With Karen Weinstock’s experience with government immigration laws and procedures, they provided help in preparing my paperwork/petitions in an efficient manner such that there were no problems or delays in the process. While working with Karen, I felt confident as there was success story at each step of the process. The fee I paid was a good investment because the benefits of my living and working in the United States on a permanent basis outweighs the risk of the uncertainty of a non-immigrant status. I would advice someone in my situation to hire a specialist like Weinstock Immigration Lawyers in order to save time in the immigration process, and avoid rejection of applications, or request for further evidence. My employment based green card was completed in about 1 year.”

Nony Esan

“Karen Weinstock and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers helped me with my immigration adjustment in a quick and stress free process. They answered to my questions on a timely manner and always provided me with realistic time frames as far as the waiting times and the process overall.My prior attorney cost me a lot of money and time without any results. Weinstock Immigration Lawyers and Karen Weinstock were quick, efficient and upfront with everything.”

Carlos V.

“Karen and her staff were efficient, did what they said they would do, told us what to expect and when to expect it and their work was superior. There key is their attention to detail without losing personal professionalism. The outcome of their work was they undid 3 years USCIS lies and ineptness. Once Karen and her team took control, suddenly USCIS knew they could no longer lose our documents and make threats and excuses. We plan to continue using Karen and her staff because we know them, respect them , trust them and know they will get the job done and at a very good price.”

Larisa C.

“She knows her job and she carries along her client through every process of their application. Her dedication,professionalism and expertise on immigration matters/issues can not be questionable.She is always very calm, and polite when explaining her points to her client.”

Emmanuel E.

“Karen is more than simply an Immigration lawyer — her sense of empathy and sympathy for a foreign client offers the one most important aspect of any potential immigrant’s heart, ‘Hope’. Despite an obviously large work load, and the occasional matter falling-through-the-cracks, Karen is undoubtedly dedicated and committed to each of her cases; No-one is just another client.I’d recommend her assistance, and take note of her guidance — she has walked this path many times, someone to depend on.”

Dr. Marco Turco

“Atty. Karen Weinstock is a an excellent immigration lawyer. After just a few minutes with her, you know right away that you are in good hands. She is very direct, an intellectual and a compassionate person. She is very efficient and effective. She keeps her client informed at all times on the status of the case she handles .The best immigration lawyer we ever have.”


“I spoke to a few other lawyers in Atlanta but I found their credentials somewhat lacking. Many graduated from law schools I’ve never heard of and they were the only lawyer in the firm. Some lawyers also didn’t project confidence about my case saying that it’s a hard case. (I did call few well known lawyers outside Georgia but they were not confident about my case….) Karen’s office had well credentialed lawyers, and when I spoke to Karen, she sounded very knowledgeable and talked about how she was going to tackle the case. She helped me get my green card through the EB2-NIW program. As a Ph.D. student, I didn’t expect the NIW process to be so painless but it was. I also got married while my case was pending so she also handled my wife’s case which was even more smooth. I felt confident that my case was in good hands. It was definitely a good investment. Now, I have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. My wife can now pursue a legal career in USA, which was not possible as a non-resident. For any complex immigration issues, seek Karen at Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. I’ve already referred one friend of mine.”

James Yang


(March 2016) “I called because I needed help with an immigration issue. I was pleased with the way in which my case was handled. I was made very comfortable throughout the process. The fee was a very good investment, because my problem was cleared up. Please if you or someone you know has an immigration issue call they will do their very best to help. They did for me.”

Debbie B.

“My name is Enrique, I am Mexican and a pastor in a local church in Summerdale, Alabama. Immigration Attorney Leslie Diaz with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers made it happen for me after I spent four years and a half in deportation proceedings. It was thanks to the professionalism, expertise and awesome legal counsel and deep knowledge of the immigration court system that an almost impossible case was turned around to a success story. I was indeed in a very difficult spot, with one foot here and one foot in his home country, Mexico, on deportation proceedings. However, Immigration Attorney Leslie Diaz, succeeded in bringing me from deportation proceedings to permanent resident, better known as green card. Thank you, Leslie for your invaluable services! If you are reading this review and you are in a difficult position and not knowing where to turn for a trustworthy immigration attorney, Weinstock Immigration Lawyers is the way to go.”

Enrique Escobar

“I would like to thank Attorney Mrs. Diaz and everyone at [Weinstock Immigration Lawyers] of Atlanta for putting in a great effort towards my case and helping me get results so quickly. I’ve been battling immigration issue for over 15+ years. I’ve been to numerous lawyers and none couldn’t resolve my immigration problem until I walk into office of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. I first met Mrs. Diaz and explained my issue, right then she explained to me how my problem will be resolved. She was knowledgeable, very personable, easy to talk to, excellent communicator, pays attention to all the important details and stayed on top of every detail. I cannot explain in words how happy my wife and I have been since the approval letter (green card). The law office of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers has been a blessing to my wife and I. I thank you guys for the quick, steadfast, honest, and hard work you put into my case in resulting into success. Thank you.”

Michael Owunta

“I got deportation letter from INS after my green card application was denied, then went to a LAW FIRM office near where I stayed and spend all money that I got to get an advice is VOLUNTARY DEPARTURE. But luckily my friend gave me LESLIE ANN DIAZ phone number so I called her. From the first call to the time she got my Green Card GRANTED, Leslie make me feel like my family member taking care every things for me.Friends, if you out there need help for your case just give Leslie a call you will see how professional and friendly she is.”

Thao N.

“I called Leslie Diaz because my brother-in-law was picked up and detained by ICE and he was put in deportation proceedings. Weinstock Immigration Lawyers took my call immediately, and attorney Leslie Diaz laid out an action plan to make us understand what needed to be done to get the relief. We felt excellent throughout the process working with this attorney and law firm and never had an issue with them. My brother-in-law was granted relief from removal, he is no longer under the stress of deportation. Right now, he’s going through citizenship process. Other people can rest assured that Leslie Diaz will actually set out an action plan, a road map, to freedom. Even though at times I was pig-headed, I had a lot of questions, but she was patient and understanding. When we went through with what was needed, we were successful. Follow the action plan of attorney Diaz, and if you follow it, you will be successful!!!”

Pat Alvarez

“I really appreciate Ms. Leslie, since the first time I went. She reviewed my documents, and she said it was not going to be easy. My first lawyer did not really do a good job. She assured me that everything was going to be OK, and she did a good job. I will always recommend people to her. Every time I call her, if she can’t return my call the same day, she would call me back the next day. She was not worried about the money; she wanted to make sure that I was being taken care of. There isn’t a way for me to thank her; the only way is to refer people to her. She did an excellent job!”

Dan Sanoe


(June 2017) “I had a great experience! They were really great in helping me understand the process and getting me through all kinds of questions. They really went above and beyond helping me get everything in order. They were always by my side the whole way. I now have my American Citizenship. I do recommend them 100%.”

Vera Watkins

(March 2017) “Nellie did a great job with my N400 application. She was very thorough and reliable. Thank you.”


(March 2017) “I really appreciate the high quality of her work. She is knowledgeable lawyer and hard work I have ever known”

Tri Ngo

(September 2016) “For nearly two years since I passed my naturalization interview, I had not heard any decision from USCIS (approval or denial). Every inquiry I sent to the USCIS gave me the same reply: wait. Every Infopass appointment I went to got me the same answer: wait. I lost hope on ever getting my citizenship, which is why, when Nellie got me an oath letter, it felt kinda surreal. But when I swore my allegiance to the US today in the ceremony, I knew it was real. I am actually a US citizen now.
Looking back, I wished I had asked for help from Weinstock earlier. The lawyer who helped me, Ms. Nellie Navidi, is professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. She went to the Infopass appointment for me in the morning and within six hours, rescued my case from the administrative sinkhole and had my oath scheduled for the following week.
Nellie and all other lawyers at Weinstock have been in this business for many years. They know how to deal with USCIS. They know when to be nice and patient, and when to push USCIS with just the right amount of force to get things done. I highly recommend those who have difficulty with immigration to contact Weinstock. It saves so much time and energy, not to even mention their very reasonable price.”

Richard Zhang

(August 2016) “Ms Weinstock and her team did a great job! Before I hired her, I tried to get through immigration laws on my own, and failed after spending lots of money on fees. Karen knew exactly what to do, anticipated the obstacles and how to overcome them. She knew what will be the next step and the exact timing. At the end of it, problems solved!”

O. S.

(May 2016) “Nellie was very professional and competent in managing our unique citizenship case. My spouse’s case was expedited Citizenship with a 319-B exception while living abroad with me as a private military contractor. Nellie had to adapt and prove our case a USCIS officer that had no experience with a case of our circumstances and did not want to grant my wife’s citizenship. She was successful in doing so as our case was approved, at the same time very friendly and comforting to be around because of her positivity and sense of humor…….. Not the typical attorneys I’m used to. Nellie was very sincere with my wife’s case and council and I do not believe we would have been successful without her. Thanks again Nellie!”


(April 2016) “I worked with Leslie to obtain my green card and citizenship. What kept me coming back to her is that she stayed on top of everything and always updated me on every step or notification received. The whole process was worry free.”


(February 2016) “I would very highly recommend Weinstock Immigration Lawyers to anyone looking for top-notch immigration-related representation. I needed help with an issue and enlisted them to help me with my process. They handled my case successfully and were extremely helpful. Nellie Navidi met with me and was very professional and friendly from the beginning. I was put at ease after she explained the process. Our correspondence via email and in person was great and Nellie even accompanied me to my interview. At my interview appointment, just like she assured me, everything went very smoothly with no issues whatsoever. For the great results I received, their fee was very reasonable and it was money well spent. I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend them 100 times over!!”

Stephen Tettey

(September 2015) “Weinstock Immigration Lawyers (WIL) was recommended to me by a friend with a challenging immigration issue. Noticing how satisfied and happy he was with his process I felt that I should give them a try knowing that I needed a lawyer for my naturalization process. Contacting WIL and meeting Nellie Navidi and her staff was the best thing that could happened to me. My naturalization process I thought was going to be fraught with anxiety, obstacles and pain. NONE of that thanks to Nellie and her team (Lisa), they kept me informed about deadlines and how my process was going with periodic emails. During my immigration interview I was calmed and even enjoyed my morning at the immigration office with Nellie by my side (hard to believe if you’ve ever been to that office haha). I will be recommending without hesitation WIL to any one I hear has any migratory problem. Nellie is absolutely wonderful !! Love them and will be forever grateful for my smooth naturalization process! PS. I got patriotic mints and a small constitution booklet after I became a citizen as a congratulatory gift from Weinstock Immigration, I thought that was awesome! :)”

Cedric Pimentel

(August 2015) “My husband and I were looking for lawyer who could assist us in filing for the Naturalization process, and after searching thru a few lawyers on the web, we decided to go with Weinstock Lawyers, and we were glad we did. Everything from form preparation to interview preparation was very professional, smooth and without any issue whatsoever. Nellie and Vered were always there to help and kept us in the loop throughout the whole process. After just a few months, we finally had our Citizenship. Looking back, we were fortunate to select Weinstock to help us accomplish this. Thanks Nellie and Vered.”

Silvy Sukilim

“I would like to thank the office of Leslie Diaz and her staff for helping me to acquire my U.S. Citizenship. Leslie worked with me throughout the entire process and showed great knowledge in immigration law. The whole staff kept an open communication and were a delight to work with. I highly recommend the law office of Leslie Diaz for anyone seeking immigration legal services.”

Aymen Elawad

“I met her from her previous company. She had done excellent job for me. When the time came to apply for naturalization I didn’t hesitate even one moment and directly I called her because I was sure about her performance would be perfect. I was right indeed. She and her company gave me outstanding service. Honestly I tell the truth Leslie and her company did excellent, excellent, excellent job for me. I definitely recommend them.”


“I’ve been a legal U.S. resident for over 20 years before finally applying for naturalization. After my interview I was told they needed more documentation, which I provided. I followed up every 3 months however, every time I called I was given the same generic answer (by a very unhelpful operator) that my case was still under review. After 3 years of following up and getting nowhere I finally decided to seek legal help. I googled an immigration lawyer and found this firm. Upon reading the positive reviews I decided to give them a call. After speaking with Ms. Diaz, I knew I made the right choice. She was knowledgeable and experienced in situations similar to my case. She kept me updated on the progress of my case and was able to accomplish in 3 months what I had been trying to do for 3 years! I have been a proud U.S. citizen for 2 years now and this past November, got to vote for the first time! I couldn’t have done it without Ms. Diaz! Thank you!!!”


“Karen has made an outstanding job helping achieve our dreams. Her dedication surpasses all expectations, and her expertise is reflected with positive results. Our case was described as very difficult the first time we attempted to hire our legal representation, the second opinion came from a high profiled immigration Lawyer whom recommended to no further seek Citizenship status due to the high risk of deportation.This was devastating news to my family, without Citizenship there would be no hope of legalizing them, and life in the shadows, under constant fear would continue.

As a last resort and after many prayers, we visited Karen at her office, her staff treated us very warm and were attentive to our concern.

Karen immediately began working after reviewing the documents and confirming that there would be no problems or risk of deportation, she truly changed our lives forever.

I can not imagine the troublesome, sleepless nights if she had not helped us. I became a US Citizen four months after our first interview, and my wife became a permanent alien shortly after that.

Do not hesitate contacting Karen, she really is the best and will bring you the results you are so much hoping for.”

Miguel G.

“She is a good lawyer with lot of helpful knowledge.She replies to your questions quickly.She did a great job in my immigration filling process.Her guidance have always helped me.”


“I needed to stimulate USCIS’ progress on a naturalization application that had stalled somewhere within USCIS and where USCIS was being non-responsive. A quick consultation with Karen Weinstock at Weinstrock Immigration Lawyers developed a strategy which included filing a writ of mandate. USCIS immediately become more responsive once the writ was served, and the naturalization was completed successfully within 60 days of serving the writ without any further legal action. Karen’s skill and experience made the process seem easy. Her strategy was certainly effective.”

Malcolm Stanley

“On my first meeting with Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, they demonstrated to me that they were professionals, aware of the diverse nature of cultures, and determined to help me resolve the problem with my 3 year old N-400 application with USCIS. Their experience and wit resulted in a timely-positive response from USCIS, on a case that I had already given up on. Leslie Diaz encouraged me not to give up! I am glad I took her advise. When I refer others to them, I always mention their professionalism. Good job!”

Nurudeen Olayiwola


(September 2014) “Karen Weinstock is simply the best. She is extremely detailed oriented and at the same time knows how to highlight the critical points in her presentation. I recommend her to all my friends and family with immigration needs. I am sure she will remain the best.Thanks!”


“We were interviewing a candidate that was at the time working for another company in our space. She at the time was working under a type of visa, a L-1B. We had to file a new visa petition for her to come to work with us. This was our first experience hiring someone that needed a visa, so we did not know that she could not simply transfer her current visa to us. Karen helped us tremendously in both educating us on the process and the laws. She also prepared and navigated and gathered the necessary information from the potential new-hire and completed and filed the necessary paperwork. She informed us of all our options, the expected timing of obtaining a visa, and also consulted both us and the new employee on risks of leaving her current company prior to obtaining (or possibly being denied) for a new visa. We encountered an immigration agent that was difficult to work with, and Karen was able to obtain the additional information requests (much of it was Karen obtaining specific information and org charts and specific job duties of current employees as well as the new hire’s expected job duties) that ultimately led in us obtaining the proper visa for the employee. She also consulted the employee, once the visa was approved on the logistics of getting in/out of the country and getting the visa stamped properly. We then hired a second employee that needed a visa, and due to our positive results with Karen the first time, we engaged her again and were able to get the second visa as well. Karen was instrumental in us getting this visa in time as the number of visas were running out and we needed to quickly gather the appropriate information, file, pay an expedited fee and were able to get one of the last remaining visas to be filed. If we had not succeeded in doing this on a timely basis, we would have had to wait another 10 months to attempt to try again and hire this person. I would recommend hiring Karen’t firm to other colleagues that were attempting to anything within the immigration law. She was professional, diligent, and knowledgeable about many different questions we had during the process. It was also helpful to have her to consult the new employees on how to exit and re-enter the country, and she provided them with additional comfort by writing additional letters and providing advice to them about certain documents to have on hand and how to answer certain questions that might have been asked by the immigration officers. “

Joelle Fox

Velocity Medical Solutions

“We are very pleased with the advice and work performed by Weinstock Immigration, in particular the prompt and highly effective efforts of Karen Weinstock. As a couple of busy healthcare professionals, we really appreciate how knowledgeable and prompt Karen was with our case. Having someone who is clearly highly versed in these matters is extremely valuable when considering how important immigration matters may be to one’s career and family. Having received two green cards, and looking back at the quality of service, I highly recommend both Karen and Weinstock Immigration Lawyers. I have already recommended her to several of my physician colleagues. Thank you Weinstock Immigration, and thank you Karen for your excellent work!”

Arshya Vahabzadeh

“This law firm is extremely professional and will handle your case with the utmost importance. Whenever I needed to get in contact with them they always picked up my calls and responded to my emails almost immediately. They are very knowledgeable in their respective specialties.”


“Atty. Karen Weinstock, her assistants and her firm, have made a great difference in our life as we struggled to become permanent residents of the United States. The kind of legal assistance that was accorded to my family and me, was humanely extraordinary that we can’t help feeling fortunate, honored and proud. Karen, with utmost professionalism, sincerity and patience, kept us informed, answered all our queries and guided us through all the legal procedures in a fast and timely manner. When an obstacle emerged along the way, Karen consoled us, then immediately proceeded to exhaust every lawful alternative course of action. All in all, the legal assistance that she provided us made us feel more hopeful and greater peace of mind.Now, we are already permanent residents of this country that we love so much. This dream would probably have taken so long to materialize if we were not able to avail of Karen’s legal assistance. I hope and pray that more and more good and deserving people will avail the services of Weinstock Immigration Lawyers, particularly Atty. Karen Weinstock.”


“First she practices at one of the powerhouses in immigration law. She is very honest, gentle to her client, and aggressive in the way she handles her cases. She leaves no room for error and is very thorough (that’s what you want in an immigration attorney). This lady knows her stuff, and has the support of other leading immigration attorneys in the country. She handled two of my cases for me. J1 waiver (when I was subject to a 2 year home country residence requirement). The difficulty of this speaks for itself, and the case was approved without any problems.AC21, with my I140 pending, for those in this type of trouble, please hire this lady, she is worth every penny.

I highly recommend this lawyer and her law firm, they are honest, thorough, and ultimately want to help you.”

Michelle Daniel