GEORGIA'S HB87 ALLOWS CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS TO STRIP GOVERNMENT FUNDING - Atlanta Immigration lawyer | Best immigration attorneys Atlanta GA

According to HB87, the first-of-its-kind Immigration Enforcement Review Board will be able to fine officials in the mayors, county commissioners, and even business license clerks $5,000 in fines. Georgia’s Immigration Enforcement Review Board will undoubtedly be comprised of immigrant haters, who are citizen volunteers empowered by the state to investigate complaints about lax enforcement of immigration laws. No evidence is needed to investigate these complaints. The body will also have the authority to strip funding from local governments.
Governor Deal says the board’s seven unpaid members will be named in the next few months and he expects the panel to begin its work in January. How are they be going to be picked? Will the most racist person win a seat on this board?
This board will undoubtedly increase the bureaucratic burden on local governments without curbing illegal immigration.