H-1B Visa Cap Reached

USCIS announced that no more H-1B visas are available for Fiscal Year 2015 that will start on October 1, 2014. As of April 7th they have received more applications than there are H-1B visas available to give so the cap is exhausted. How many applications received will be revealed by USCIS in the next few weeks, as well as the chances of acceptance into the lottery.
USCIS will first conduct the lottery for applicants with a U.S. master’s degree or higher. USCIS received more than the allotted 20,000 petitions. Once selected, any master’s degree applicants that were not selected under the master’s degree lottery pool will be placed in the regular lottery pool of 65,000.
If your application is selected for the lottery, you will receive a receipt notice with the case number. If you filed a premium processing request and your application was selected, the 15-day clock will start on April 28, 2014. Any applications not selected in this random lottery system will be returned along with the filing fees.
We patiently await USCIS’ lottery results. It is a shame that the H-1B visa cap is so low. It is really hurting businesses and individuals. Congress – get your act together!

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