HB87 CAUSES LICENSE RENEWAL DELAYS FOR GEORGIA NURSES - Atlanta Immigration lawyer | Best immigration attorneys Atlanta GA

WABE reports that licenses for more than 2,500 registered nurses are now on hold.
Who’s to blame? HB87, Georgia’s anti-immigration law….
The law created additional administrative burdens on each person trying to renew a professional state license (yes even U.S. citizens) to prove their legal status and the Secretary of State’s office is faced with problems.
Secretary of State Brian Kemp says he does not have enough staff to handle the flood of renewal documents.
Debbie Hackman, the CEO of the Georgia Nurses Association, says the new requirement has caused a lot of hassle for Georgia’s 110,000 nurses. She also said out of all the licenses they have renewed, there’s only been one attempt by someone who was an illegal. And now these 2500 nurses who are mostly U.S. citizens cannot work.
HB87 needs to go away, another ridiculous consequence.