SOME NON-CAP H-1B CASES TAKE 30 DAYS OR MORE FOR RECEIPTS - Atlanta Immigration lawyer | Best immigration attorneys Atlanta GA

AILA is reporting that NCSC has indicated that non-cap H-1B and other Form I-129 receipting is taking 30 days or more.
AILA Liaison is raising the reported delay in receipting with service centers and Service Center Operations at USCIS HQ. This is a problem for visa extension, AC21 portability for H-1B cases etc. so it must be addressed very quickly – even E-Verify may not match if there is no new receipt.
I will update as I know more.
Another H-1B cap update as of today we have received all but a few of the H-1B cap case receipts and even a few approval notices for NON-PREMIUM H-1B cap cases! This is amazing speed from USCIS!